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Styling Tips on How to Wear Jewelry Properly - Willow & Luna

Styling Tips on How to Wear Jewelry Properly

Styling Tips on How to Wear Jewelry Properly

Jewelry is the aesthetic element that accompanies an outfit reflecting your sense of style. A piece of jewelry can revive a boring outfit but can also overpower a beautiful dress.

Here are a few tips that will help you to wear jewelry properly and to achieve a balanced look:

1. Balance jewelry with your outfit

Bold jewelry – simple outfit
A layered necklace suits best to a simple dress or a plain top.
Sophisticated clothing – simple jewelry or don’t wear it at all.
Bold patterns or mix prints outfits call for modest adornments.
For example, a dramatic dress with puffy sleeves has to stand by itself. Just add a delicate pair of earrings or a bracelet for an aesthetic finishing touch.

2. Balance with other pieces of jewelry

The thumb rule is to have one piece of jewelry to stand out and the others to complement it not overpowering.

3. Mix and match jewelry

Wearing matching set jewelry is a faux pas. Instead, mix and match pieces of jewelry for a more updated and stylish look.
For example a pair of on-trend earrings with your wedding band or a classic gold pendant with colorful bangles.

And always remember, “Jewelry should complete your outfit, not compete with it.”

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