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Our Metal Mixing Mantra for Jewelry - Willow & Luna

Our Metal Mixing Mantra for Jewelry

Our Metal Mixing Mantra for Jewelry

We often get the question should you mix metals or not? It can be a huge question that no one really seems to know the answer to. 

But, here at Willow & Luna we think the simple answer is YES!

We love mixing metals for a truly eclectic mix, and to really embrace your individuality, which is what to us, jewelry is all about!

The most important elements of combining jewelry, we believe is:

Stick to Similar Styles

Think about the tone of each piece more than the color, so opting for a combination of delicate pieces rather than combining chunky and delicate will ensure your look is cohesive allowing you to mix your metals.

Create Balance

Balance is essential to ensuring your look is cohesive. The trick is to mix your metals in all different areas and not just wear all one color in one area. For example, we wouldn't recommend if you are wearing all gold earrings and necklaces, don't then wear all silver rings. Mix and match the colors evenly throughout instead.

Mixed Metal Curated Ear

Mixing metals with your earrings is one of the the easiest places to experiment, as each piece is so small and individual, making it a lot easier to experiment. Try pairing lots of different sizes, colors and shapes for a truly eclectic look.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Here at Willow & Luna we love to embrace our individuality, so don't be afraid to experiment. If you can own your style then do it! Wear the pieces you want to wear, when you want to wear them. 

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