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Ideas To Stack and Combine Men's Jewelry In Style

Ideas To Stack and Combine Men's Jewelry In Style

When it comes to jewelry for men, there are a lot of ways to experiment. One of the ideas that have become an iconic fashion trend in the market is stacked jewelry.

It's the best way to combine alluring jewelry and make a combo that compliments your style statement. Besides, there are no limitations.

Be it gold, silver, beads, or no-beads; stacked jewelry looks fascinating with any fusions. Let's check out some creative ways to stack and combine the men's jewelry sets to keep you in style. 

What Is Stacked Jewelry?

Stacked jewelry has become a talk of the town lately. It basically means layering numerous pieces of jewelry for a chic yet elegant look. Be it metals or colors, a lot of factors can be incorporated to come up with beautiful ornament pieces.  

The best thing about this jewelry style is that there are no such rules and regulations. In simple words, anything that looks appealing and classy together should be blended for a better outlook. While the style is quite popular among women, recently it has been pretty welcomed among men too.

How To Stack Jewelry?

Stacking is not limited to necklaces solely. In fact, it can experiment with other jewelry like bracelet sets and rings. With stack jewelry being the new trend, you should infuse the creativity and fashion sense to deliver good results. 

As a majority of people say, why wear a single piece of jewelry when you can combine multiple pieces. Let's check out some of the ways for jewelry stacking as per the type.


Stacked necklaces are quite popular for both men as well as women. Having said that, here are some unique ways by which you can stack necklaces

  • For beginners, stacking necklaces is like fusing different pieces by mixing and matching as per preferences. It should render a personal touch for a better outlook. 
  • It's always recommended by professionals to select the neckpieces beforehand. By doing so, people can prevent any rush and time limitations. The combination should be more alluring to the eyes rather than being haphazard.
  • The chronological order of necklaces should be from small to large. Also, the large piece should be at the bottom.
  • You can combine different necklaces. Be it beads or pearls, the more diversity you add, the better for its appearance. However, each of the pieces should complement the rest of the necklaces.
  • It's best to follow a good pattern when stacking the jewelry. For example, you should sequence the jewelry in odd numbers. All these entities will give the necklace an asymmetrical look.
  • It's recommended not to go overboard with other pieces of jewelry along with the necklace. You should always opt for small earnings with the stacked necklaces.


Stacking is not limited to necklaces. You can layer bracelets and bangles for a fascinating stack look. When it comes to bracelets, you can wear as many as possible.

  • Usually, it depends on your comfort. But, bracelets are likely to add a dramatic effect to the overall look. 
  • It's the era of trends involving both old and new. With that being said, what's better than combining vintage with new bracelets? Make sure to fuse both generations to come up with fascinating pieces. 
  • You can fuse both wide and narrow cuffs together for beautiful bracelet stacking. 
  • It's also recommended to mix hard bangles with soft bracelets. Besides, you can theme it up with any particular color or gemstone.
  • You can also charm it up a little bit. Anything that includes a single or more charm is perfect for the stack. 


If you can't decide which ring to wear, then go for multiple ones. Here's how you can stack up rings in a classy way

  • Now, it's not recommended to go overboard with rings. Add varieties of rings till your knuckles don't bend.
  • You can aggregate different metals and stones for the ring. Also, the combination of the right texture and width will help in creating the perfect ring stack. It's best to opt for something that matches your style.
  • Just like bracelets, you can combine both vintage and new rings for an appealing result. 

Experiment to find your style

Whichever direction you decide to go in, Willow & Luna has a wide selection of mens jewelry to help you find your style!

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